Transfer Helper Services

For a simpler and easier way of hiring your helper,
allow to help you on your search.
We charge an affordable service fee of only $38.00

Pains of searching for a Transfer helper

Searching for your transfer helper is no easy task – the time and effort put in can be very exhausting.

From posting your advertisement, contacting each candidate who is interested in your job, figuring which candidate is eligible, which candidate is suitable for your family, is the helper able to start employment on the date you require, is the current employer willing to release the helper, what are the right documentation and application procedure to hiring a helper?

These are just some of the issues you will need to resolve.

How can help you

We save you time and effort by doing all the work for you. Once we have your requirements for your helper, we will provide you with:

  • Recommendation of suitable candidates in our database
  • We personally interviewing every candidate
  • Checking with candidate on prior experience applicable to your job
  • Liaising with current for transfer and release
  • MOM documentation and application
  • Search for suitable and interested candidates
  • Creating candidates bio-data with photos and video
  • Detailing work and employment history in Singapore
  • Proper documentation for contracts
  • Insurance and security bond application

We charge the helper a 1-month placement for a successful placement, which employers are welcome to cover any amount of the placement fee on behalf of the helper.

We are also able to recruit helpers (Direct Hire / Recruited) from Philippines, please contact us for more information

Call us at: 66330733 or Whatsapp: 87008087

Contact us

Contact Details:
Jobs and Staff Pte Ltd
21 Cuscaden Road #B1-08
Ming Arcade, S (249720).


Tel: 66330733

+65 87008087

About Us

Jobs and Staff Pte Ltd is a licensed employment agency with the Ministry of Manpower Singapore and an accredited Philippines Embassy recruitment agency.

We are also a registered Social Enterprise with raiSE Singapore.

Our objective is to provide a platform that is convenient fair, cost effective to both helpers and employers.

We want helpers to have a better chance of employment with the right exposure to potential employers, and for employers, a wider choice of candidates with all the legwork done by us.

If you are ready to hire a domestic helper, please click on the button to fill in a form.

It will take you about 5-8mins to complete the form, and we will have a better understanding and will be in a better position to recommend suitable candidates.

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