If you are looking to hire a domestic helper (Foreign Domestic Worker) to help out in the family, you need to be sure that you are eligible to hire. The Ministry of Manpower Singapore has listed the follow criteria to be able to hire a domestic helper in Singapore.

To hire an FDW, you must:

  • Be 21 years old and above
  • Not be an undischarged bankrupt
  • Have the mental capacity to fully understand and discharge your responsibility as an employer.

MOM will also consider your financial ability to hire, maintain and upkeep the FDW in an acceptable accommodation.

If you are a first-time FDW employer, you must attend an Employer Orientation Programme (EOP) before you apply for an FDW. For more information on Employer Orientation Programme, please click here.

NOTE: You should not be diagnosed with any medical condition that would impair your ability to exercise supervision and control over the well-being of the FDW. Examples of such medical conditions include Alzheimer, dementia and schizophrenia which can cause symptoms such as severe memory lapses, confusion, emotional instability, progressive loss of mental ability, paranoia, etc.

Hiring a second FDW

MOM will consider applications for a second FDW if you have caregiving needs, such as having 2 or more children below the age of 18 or a parent or parent-in-law over 65 years old living with you.

You will be assessed on your financial ability to hire, maintain and upkeep more than one FDW in acceptable accommodation.

Work Levy 

Employers of domestic helpers are to pay a monthly levy for the employment of a domestic helper.

Current monthly work levy rate:

Normal: $265.00 Concessionary: $60.00 For more information on FDW work levy, please click here

Medical Examination

Employers are to send their FDW to a Pre-employment medical examination, within 2 weeks of the FDW arrival in Singapore. If she fails her medical examination, MOM will NOT issue her with a Work Permit, and she needs to be sent home. For more information on Pre-Employment Medical Examination, please click here

6 Month Medical Examination 

Employers are required to send their FDW for their medical examination every 6 months. In the event, your FDW fails her medical examination, you need to send her home immediately. For more information on 6 monthly medical examination, please click here

Security Bond & Insurance 

security bond is a binding pledge to pay the government (up to $5000) if you break the law or the conditions governing the employment of a helper. You need a bond for every helper you employ unless she is Malaysian. For more information on security Bond, please click here

All employers are to purchase Medical & Personal Accident Insurance for your domestic helper

Medical  Insurance coverage – at least $15,000.00

Personal Accident coverage – at least $60,000.00 (wef: 1st Oct 2017)

For more information the different FDW Insurance & services we provide, please click here 

Work Permit Conditions

As an employer of foreign workers, you must comply with a set of Work Permit conditions during their employment. The Ministry of Manpower Singapore takes a very serious view against breaches of the work permit conditions.

For more information on the work permit conditions, please click here

For a PDF copy the work permit conditions, please click here

As an employer of an FDW, you are expected to understand and agree to the work permit conditions before applying for a work permit.

Content and information were taken from the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Website: mom.gov.sg