FDW Insurance

Insurance for your Maid

All Foreign Domestic Workers are required by the Ministry of Manpower to be covered by Medical and Personal Accident Insurance before arriving or/ and beginning her employment contract. Cost of the insurance is borne by the employer, and cost cannot be transferred to FDW.

MOM has stipulated the minimum coverage for:

  • Medical Insurance – $15,000
  • Personal Accident Insurance – $60,000 (wef 1st Oct 2017)

The insured amount is the minimum required by MOM, but it’s highly recommended to increase the coverage amount as the employer is fully liable for any cost beyond the insurance coverage.

Security Deposit & Bonds

All employers of FDW are required to furnish MOM with a $5000 Security Deposit as part of the condition of employing an FDW. However, employers can choose to purchase a Security Bond as part of the insurance package.

The Security Bond is required to be purchased and submitted to MOM before commencing employment.

Please do take note that the security bond may be forfeited if:

  • You or your helper violate any of the conditions of the Work Permit or security bond.
  • You don’t pay her salary on time.
  • You fail to send her back when her Work Permit is expired, revoked or canceled, or if she goes missing.

If the helper goes missing, half of the security bond ($2,500) will be forfeited if you have made reasonable effort to locate her and have filed a police report.

You will not be liable for your helper’s violations (such as those relating to pregnancy) if you can prove that you have:

  • Informed her of the Work Permit conditions she must comply with.
  • Reported a violation when you first become aware of it.

NOTE: Purchase of Security Bond does not mean that the employer is not liable for the forfeited amount. A Security Bond is a promise from the insurer that any amount forfeited will be paid. The Insurance company will still require the employer to reimburse the forfeited amount.

ADDON – Employers are able to purchase a waiver of counter indemnity to limit your liability to $250 if the employer did NOT cause the breach of the bond. 

Download a copy of HL Assurance FDW Insurance Plans

HL Assurance FDW Insurance Plans

Renew Your Helpers Insurance & Security Bond

Complimentary Application and Documentation Services.

If you are renewing your helper’s insurance, why not renew it with us? We are offering all our customers a complimentary Insurance Renewal service. Purchase your helper’s insurance with us, and we will apply, submit and renew your work permit on your behalf.*

Terms & Condition- minimum 26 months insurance purchased, doesn’t include MOM application and issuance fees.

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