Connect to Multiple Employers

As a FREE domestic helper portal, we are able to have many employers that are looking to hire domestic helpers to post their requirements. Both helpers are employers are free to communicate directly with each other.

Convenient and simple to use

We strive to make the portal as easier to use as possible. Being online, it’s easy to register and check on your status whenever you are free to do so. The portal is up 24 hours a day, so no need to wait for office hours to check on your status.

Legal and Contract Protection provide all our domestic helpers a legal and contract protection. In the event that the employment doesn’t work out, employers are required to provide you the helper 30days to find a new job. This is provided, you carried out your duties faithfully and according to the job responsibilities as stated in the contract. You must not be under the instruction of MOM and have not committed (reported to the Police) of any crime.

No Loans / No Placement Fees

We do not charge you any loans or placement fees, we do however charge a fee of SGD80.00 for the use of the portal and documentation fees. This fee is only charged upon successful acceptance of job.